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Arianna Folsom Posts


Here’s a snake named Ruby Dabs who pretended to be neutral and when I told her that there were death threats revealed herself to be a op4. I’d love to know what she thinks I actually did.

Here she’s asserting that all of Anna’s ideas about me are something she came up with based on how she “screws thing[s] in her head”

Here she basically admits to NOT standing up for me and telling the truth because she’s afraid to offend the person who attacked me.

Truth Be Told

This is the placeholder for my side of the story related to the harassment and bullying I’ve experienced at the hands of Arianna, her friend Anna, and the death threats from her followers.

I happen to be traveling right now so I won’t be able to post much right away. I’ll be working on a video detailing the breakup and unprovoked attacks as well as the defamation and death threats.

What’s the goal here?

It’s simple. I started getting death threats about a week ago after my ex (Arianna) kept badmouthing me in her live streams on MeetMe.

  1. I want the death threats to stop
  2. I want her to publicly apologize for putting my life in danger and lying about me
  3. I want her to acknowledge the lies she fostered by her friend Anna
  4. I want her to publicly retract all the BS she’s said about me

Once that happens I’ll have no need to tell my side of the story. Until it happens I’ll keep publishing here.